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Adult Riders 

2024 Memberships Available

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Let’s Get Together

Hello everyone! To get Adult Riders up and running for 2024 we will be joining with the 2022 award winning Woodridge Horse & Pony Club, based at the Woodridge Equestrian Centre, King Drive, Woodridge.  The Adult Riders and the Horse & Pony Club will have a shared committee and new committee members are encouraged to join.  The cost for Adult Riders for 2024 will only require that riders pay their insurance to PCWA of $220.50 (insurance is 24/7) and then to pay a fee for activities that they would like to take part in at the rallies.

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Planned Events 2024

- Polo-cross match
- Mechanical horse
- Vaulting
- Float maintenance & learning how to safely drive with a float and reverse with a float
- How to write an Equine Management Plan
- Roping
- Specialised show jumping coaching
- Specialised dressage coaching
- Handy Pony
- Bit and saddle fitting
- Pole and body work
- Tack and turnout
- In-hand and ring etiquette
- Off site activities (outside of the Woodridge Equestrian Centre)

Adult Riders: Facilities


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ARC Fee Schedule

Membership Guide

Rally Dates

Adult Riders: Files
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