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Woodridge H & PC 2024 Competition Mentors

Navigating the world of equestrian competitions can be pretty daunting, from what shows would be best suited, to what to wear, how to present your pony and what classes to enter. Despite being a small club Woodridge have some of WA's top competing riders that are here to help you on your journey. Mentorship is part of the Woodridge and Pony Club spirit to encourage young riders to come through feeling supported.


Chenin Hislop - 15 years old

Dressage and Show Horse

Chenin has been at Pony Club and competing since she was 5 years old, she has proven herself both in the dressage and show horse arenas. Chenin has competed at Club, State and National levels as well as representing Australia last year in the Pony Club International Competition, placing 4th out of 35 international riders. She has won countless championships, rugs and trophies. including EA competitor leader boards in Dressage and has previously been a Horseland Sponsored Rider.  She is keen to help novice horse and rider combinations choose appropriate events, help with show prep, ensure correct attire is worn and provide both support and help in learning dressage tests.
Through both Pony Club and Surf life Saving Chenin has worked with younger children to help them enjoy their chosen sport. She loves both flatwork and horsemasters and is always available to help younger riders achieve their certifications and navigate the online learning portals.


Sadie Gemmell 18 years old

Show Jumping and Show Horse

Attended pony club since 2012. Accreditation C* working towards B
I have enjoyed my years at the Pony Club, I started at Wanneroo pony club when I was 6 years old. After staying there for 5 years, I moved to Woodridge and assisted in setting up the Woodridge pony club.
My passion was jumping, and I have competed up to 90cm and trained at home over 1m, my highlight being winning the Chase me Charlie against horses on my 13.2hh pony jumping 1.20m. I also loved to do cross-country. Some of the coaches I trained with were Dave Carey, Rick Dabner and les Bunnings. In the last couple of years, I moved more towards dressage and improving my pony’s movements by encouraging him to carry himself properly. I introduced lateral movements to my training and was able to get high 60’s in Novice dressage.
I am now riding my warmblood pony mare and working with my three-year-old which I just backed late last year, he is on holiday and will hopefully make a few trips to pony club this year just for the exposure and I am hoping to get him out towards the end of this year.
I also enjoy teaching and have taught a few younger members, if you want to know anything just ask, I will be assisting new members in jumping and the rules around competing, I have the amazing opportunity to work with FEI course builder Fred Freeman this year on how to build a show jump track, set up distances and corners something I am looking forward to.

PC Mentors: Staff
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