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AGM 2020

Wow what a year! I can't believe that we are already at AGM. I think we can all agree that this year has gone super fast. What is truly incredible is just how much our little club has achieved during what has been a pretty hectic year. I don't even think we missed a single rally.

I thought I would add a few things mentioned at our AGM around what we have achieved this year.

So just what have we achieved this year?

 Had a school holiday non riding program

 Our first C members testing as well as more D and D*

 We had representation in show jump champs

 Representation in Dressage Champs

 Held one clear round jumping

 Held our second pony club camp even longer this time.

 Made some games equipment

 Introduced polo x to our rallies as well as vaulting and biomechanics

 We held a much-anticipated three-day showjumping clinic with Fed

Freeman FEI course builder and expert in the field of course building this

took 3 years of perseverance and a lot of nagging, I think.

 Secures $2000 funding that helped pay for volunteers and young people

to do their NC coaching certificate

 Secured $5000 from Health ways grant to assist with the upgrade of the


 Several other fundraising events

 Introduce healthy canteen and done race around the state

 Registered for Containers for Change

 Kids sport Club also have our club on the official poster advertising

equestrian sport.

 2nd year in a row member have awards from the 2 & 5 healthy eating


 Our Website has been developed and about to live

 Successfully completed our third year of Pony club

And a few highlights

  • Visit to Ascot racecourse behind the scenes tour

  • Had a camp comp over three disciplines

  • Dressage competition with judge Gill Botton

  • Young people got to experience working in a team and being the

  • groom for the day.

Pretty crazy right? Wait till next year!

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