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WHPC 2020 Camp

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

2020 WHP&C Camp - Our Best camp EVER!!!

At Woodridge PC we were not about to let Covid-19, interfere with our much loved annual camp and were extremely grateful that we were able to navigate around all that was going on and pull off what was to be our best camp yet.

We hired the grounds at the lovely Brookleigh Estate and used the indoor arena for two dressage training events, a new addition to our camp, which was an amazing experience for both horse and rider, the cross country course and outdoor riding facilities. We also participated in many fun non-riding team games that challenged our horse knowledge.

We had a great time and the days were packed with games, activities, and at times fits of giggles especially watching one of our loved committee members relive their jockey days at Ascot - not mentioning any names... cough Morag Gemmell. Despite the very early start Ascot racecourse was a highlight for all.

Among our great coaches over the weekend were, Gill Botton, a dressage judge, who not only judged our in house competition but coached us as well, Rick and Liz from Equistar who had even the ponies surprised at the heights we could jump, and Tia who helped us navigate the cross country.

Lylah, Sarah and Chenin were the winners of the in house team competition. Everyone left with ribbons. Special thanks to all of the committee members, especially our president. 2020 will be a hard year to beat.

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